The Australia-Russia Business Council (ARBC) seeks to foster economic cooperation between Australia and the Russian Federation. The association was formed in 1984 under the title of Australia-USSR Business Council, which sponsored the first ever Australian business mission to Moscow in May 1985. Following the dissolution of the USSR in 1993, the Council has been transformed initially into “Australia-Russia and NIS Business Councils” and then into Australia-Russia Business Council. (The NIS stood for “New independent states”, i.e. former USSR republics). The ARBC keeps going from strength to strength ever since.

ARBC has extensive experience in trade networking and enjoys excellent relations with the Embassy and the Trade Office of the Russian Federation in Canberra and Consulate in Sydney as well as with Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) and the Australian Embassy in Moscow.

As the peak business association representing Australian private enterprises with commercial interest in the market of the Russian Federation, the ARBC is often the first “port of call” in pursuit of business connections for groups of trade representatives from and to Russia and the region - whether they are government initiated official delegations or privately organized trade visits. Thus the Council’s members optimise their commercial plans and prospects having the privilege of meeting their counterparts in person and pursuing possibilities for cooperation on a one-to-one personal basis, mutually reassured of respective credibility.

Whilst offering the exclusive opportunities to promote the trade interests of it’s members, the ARBC has grown into a unique Australian trade-facilitating forum which through association with high-level industry and trade bodies, offers reliable information on doing business in Russia and the Region (former USSR republics). On the other hand, the Council also assists Russian individuals and companies in pursuit of business connections to identify the strategies and partners in their expansion into Australia through their membership in ARBC.

The focus of the Council is on collection and dissemination of information relating to bilateral trade opportunities and ensuring Government policy decisions are correctly targeted. ARBC organizes seminars and business sessions with distinguished speakers who have first-hand experience of the political and economic situation on various aspects of doing business.

With its growing membership involved in manufacturing, trade, investment, education, and services, the ARBC is present in both Australia and in Russia. The ARBC pulls together a diverse range of large, medium and small Australian and Russian companies and organisations that come from a wide range of industry sectors - from traditional primary industry commodities to sophisticated hi-tech value added products and services.

How do the ARBC members obtain relevant trade information? With all the facilities the Council offers, Australian businesses targeting Russia and the rest of the region in search of fresh investment & trade opportunities should regard ARBC as their most obvious ally. For our members from Russia and the Region, ARBC acts as a launching pad to do business with Australia.

The Business Council is happy to assist members and non-members alike develop their business links between Australia and Russia. It can provide advice on a miscellany of issues from export and import requirements to cultural matters. ARBC is also able to assist in a unique, user-friendly Australian Business visa application process.

ARBC’s Secretariat is located in Canberra, with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI). Our Secretariat provides an accurate and timely supply of information and events for all industries focusing on Russia.

Years of business association, trade missions and cultural exchanges have cemented the good relations between Australia and the Russian Federation. It is ARBC’s sincere wish to take it to new strengths.

The ARBC is a non-political and not for profit organisation whose objectives are to:

Promote the export of Australian natural resources; agricultural and manufactured products; professional services and intellectual property to Russia.
Encourage bilateral trade between Australia and the Russian Federation.
Facilitate the matching of exporters with importers
Negotiate on behalf of Australian business to ensure Government trade policy and bilateral agreements are directed at fostering Australia - Russia trade
Mediate through Australian Government agencies on the policies which may impact upon Australian Exporters
Communicate all matters relating to trade opportunities and developments to our members



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