ARBC Services

In addition to the benefits of networking within the Council, ARBC members enjoy opportunities for trade-matching contacts with their counterparts on both sides. They also participate in high-level bilateral meetings, trade related Ministerial visits, exclusive briefings and seminars. ARBC works in close cooperation with the Government structures.

ARBC maintains contacts with Chambers of Commerce & various regional administrations. Information exchange opportunities are utilised with the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Canberra, and other Consulates, as well as the Australian Embassy and Austrade office in Moscow. Regular communication with our counterpart Chambers and with the region's diplomatic/consular representatives enables ARBC members to avail themselves of first-hand information important for their activities.

Enhancing Members’ Trade Activities

The Australia-Russia Business Council is continually striving to provide measures which will enhance member's trade activities. Some examples are:

Visas - ARBC assists its members in Australian Business visa application process  by authenticating a suitable supporting letter where required
Free listing on the Council's web site - members are allowed web pages to promote their company and link directly with their own web site.
Translations - the Chamber will introduce members to reputable Russian translation services.
Advice - on cultural issues to facilitate your dealings with Russia
Letters of Introduction - we can also assist in arranging appointments with Chambers in Russian Federation.
Functions - regularly organise;
  • Formal functions to meet visiting Dignitaries and Government Officials
  • Informal member 'networking' functions providing an opportunity to discuss 'one on one' experiences.
Trade Delegations – Council members receive early advice of in and outbound Trade related delegations. The Council is an official member of outbound delegations and occasionally organises its own missions.
Trade Shows & Exhibitions - members receive early advice, and preferential treatment.
Trade Information - overseas requests for product or services are regularly posted on the Council’s Web Site or forwarded directly to members if a product is specified
A regular Newsletter is issued free to all members.
Travel & Accommodation - discount offers are made available to members from time to time.



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